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Law and Prevention of Abortion in Europe

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Subtitle: By Grégor Puppinck.

This book is a study on abortion through diff erent, sometimes new aspects, and aims at giving the conceptual and legal bases to a policy of prevention of abortion. It is not a book of appeal which would oppose, once more, a right to abortion of the mother to a right to life of the child. Freedom and dignity are often but words, if not slogans, wrapping up and hiding human realities without fully understanding them. This book wants be realistic and aims at giving the basis of legal developments on an in-depth factual study of causes and consequences of abortion, written in the light of numerous recent scientifi c researches. These causes and consequences incite to consider abortion not as an abstract freedom but much more as a social and public health problem, requiring a prevention policy. Such a policy was in fact what Simone Veil wanted when she refused any right to abortion and wanted only to tolerate it as the last solution, then a lesser evil. It is also and still how international and European laws consider it, both of them off ering a strong legal support to a prevention policy, and even to a right not to abort . Against Mrs. Veils declared intention, abortion slowly became not only tolerated but a freedom. This change of perspective had deep implications for the whole society and disrupted the legal order further than on the question of birth regulation and the question of the situation of women, this change also aff ects other rights and principles, such as the prohibition of sexual and genetic discriminations, the rights to life, to freedom of conscience, and also to freedom of speech and manifestation. All these aspects are chapters of this book.

Grégor Puppinck
Grégor has a PhD in law. He is the director of the European Centre for Law and Justice, and an expert before the Council of Europe.